In today's world remote monitoring of consumption of water, gas and electricity is carried out by special electronic counters. Our electronic lab has developed a unique instrument accuracy class C (optionally, A or b), allowing to record the water consumption. The counter is designed to work with both cold and hot water.

The video shows a test sample.

Modern energy-efficient communication technologies LoRa and NB-IoT, and the data transfer Protocol LwM2M, increase the life of electronic meter to calibration interval (which occurs every six years). In case of electricity, the device continues its operation due to Autonomous power supply. Once a month (or more often, depending on the settings) the device transmits data on water consumption management company (in the cloud).

Convenience here not only for the management company and housing and communal services, but also for residents, especially for those who rents an apartment or owns their own enterprise, firm.

Using our solution, you will never forget to convey testimony and to pay the water bill!The text size exceeds the maximum

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