By "contactless marketing" mean the dissemination of information and the performance of any action (task) without human intervention. Everything happens by reading machine code without any human contact.

For example, a person was always needed to distribute leaflets. Now it is enough to place a QR code or NFC tag with a "call to action", a person can use a smart phone and immediately receive content. Content can be anything from advertising, entertainment, or social. It's very simple: "tap" on the smart phone screen and get what you need ("tap and save", "tap and load", "tap to link", etc.).

Previously people used cash, then bank cards appeared. Now there is contactless payment technology "tap to pay". Attach the smart phone to the terminal and make the payment without any contact. In General, the "tap and do anything" technology has a lot of applications in our lives.

We often see that people write down information from the advertising banners or notice board. But it would be much easier if the text in the advertisement was replaced with a QR code. It is very easy for someone who is passing to turn on smart phone camera, scan the code and immediately go to the desired resource.

It is also easy to replace QR codes in advertising brochures and booklets. If the QR code doesn't fit into the booklet design, you can embed an NFC tag in the page instead. This is affordable and will not significantly increase the price of printed products.

Another example: business cards. it would be easier to scan an NFC tag or QR code and automatically add a new contact to your notebook. And no need to dial the numbers and write down the name.

For example, movie ads. I saw an advertisement for a new movie - scanned the QR code and got the ticket order page. NFC tags and QR codes make life easier for a person in the modern information society, and for business. They increase its audience and profitability.

We have carried out extensive marketing research and technical development in this area and can say with confidence that this technology is applicable in almost all areas of human life. Here are just a few examples:

  • Joining a social network group
  • Electronic menu for ordering in a restaurant
  • Quick order
  • Repost or like
  • Transfer money from one card to another card
  • Entry in an electronic queue
  • Discount coupons
  • For booking a table in a restaurant
  • Taxi order
  • Quick reviews
  • Questionnaires and social surveys
  • Electronic business cards
  • protection of contracts from changes
  • Callback
  • Downloading documents
  • etc

In the course of our research and work on this topic, we have issued two patents for inventions, developed and tested prototypes of real systems, for example, the system and service of electronic menu and ordering food for restaurants.

We are waiting for your interested questions and an order to develop very relevant contactless marketing systems for your business today.